Group Descriptions |
Group: Registration Statement
Description: '33 or '34 Act Registration Statement
Group: Financial Supplement
Description: Additional information on financial results or capital structure
Group: Form 1
Description: Annual filing for electric utilities
Group: LDC
Description: Annual filing for natural gas distributors
Group: Form 2
Description: Annual filing for natural gas pipeline companies
Group: Annual Regulatory Filing: Bank
Description: Annual regulatory filing for bank, savings bank or thrift holding company
Group: Annual Report
Description: Annual Report to Shareholders (Glossy)
Group: Trust Indenture Application
Description: Application for qualification of trust indentures
Group: Merger Approval: Bank
Description: Approval of Merger Application
Group: Branch Acquisition Application
Description: Branch Acquisition Application
Group: BrokerDealer Regulatory Filing
Description: BrokerDealer Regulatory Filing
Group: Capital Structure Supplement
Description: Capital Structure or Corporate Finance Supplement
Group: Investor Presentation
Description: Company overview distributed to investors
Group: 8-K
Description: Current Event Report
Group: Platts Newsletter
Description: Daily commodity publications that include data sets, modeling, forecasts, granular supply chain and macro supply and demand insights
Group: De Novo Application
Description: De Novo Charter Application
Group: Deregistration of Securities
Description: Deregistration of securities under '34 Act
Group: Regulatory Filing: State
Description: Documents filed by registered private companies with regulatory state agencies to adhere to all applicable regulations, guidelines, specifications, and other legal requirements
Group: Financial Stability
Description: Documents required to be filed by companies as a result of participation in the United States Financial Stability Program (including, but not limited to, TARP).
Group: Earnings Release
Description: Earnings-Related Press Release
Group: Form 714
Description: Electric FERC Form 714
Group: Electric Regulatory Filing
Description: Electric Regulatory Document
Group: 11-K
Description: Employee Benefit Plan Filing
Group: Energy Regulatory Filing
Description: Energy Regulatory Document
Group: Enforcement Actions
Description: Enforcement Actions
Group: Investment Company Filing
Description: Filing per the Investment Company Act of 1940
Group: Gas Regulatory Filing
Description: Gas Regulatory Document
Group: Industry Document
Description: Industry Document
Group: Geographic Research
Description: Industry document pertaining to geographic research
Group: Industry Research
Description: Industry document pertaining to industry research
Group: Insider Ownership
Description: Insider filings under Section 16 of the '34 Act
Group: 13-F
Description: Institutional Investor Report
Group: Integrated Resource Plan
Description: Integrated Resource Plan
Group: Self Tender
Description: Issuer Tender Offers
Group: AML/KYC Due Diligence
Description: Know your customer and anti-money laundering documents used for due diligence
Group: Merger App
Description: Merger App
Group: Merger Press Release
Description: Merger-Related Press Release
Group: Misc
Description: Miscellaneous Other Documents
Group: Non-Issuer Tender
Description: Non-Issuer Tender Offers, including SC14Ds
Group: Proxy
Description: Notice to Shareholders
Group: Non-timely Filing Notice
Description: Notification of Delinquent Filing
Group: Prospectus
Description: Offering Filing
Group: PUHCA
Description: Periodic Public Utility Holding Company Filing
Group: Metals & Mining Filing
Description: Periodic Reports Published by Companies in the Metals & Mining Industry
Group: International Insurance Filing
Description: Periodic reports published by non-US companies in the insurance industry
Group: Insurance State Product Filing
Description: Policy form, rate, rule and other filing types submitted to state regulatory bodies for the sale of insurance within their jurisdiction
Group: Press Release
Description: Press Release
Group: 10-Q
Description: Quarterly '34 Act Filing
Group: FERC Form 3-Q
Description: Quarterly filing for electric utilities and natural gas pipeline companies
Group: Regulatory Filing: Depository
Description: Quarterly or semi-annual regulatory filing for bank, savings bank, savings institution, credit union, bank holding company or thrift holding company
Group: Quarterly Report
Description: Quarterly Report to Shareholders (Glossy)
Group: Insurance Regulatory Filing
Description: Regulatory filings submitted to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners by insurance companies operating in the United States of America
Group: Mutual-to-Stock Conversion
Description: Request for Conversion of S&L from Mutual to Stock
Group: Request For Proposal
Description: Request For Proposal Document
Group: Global Research
Description: S&P Ratings global research publication
Group: Interim Report
Description: Semi-Annual or Interim Report for non-US companies
Group: Company Communication
Description: Shareholder or other formal correspondence
Group: Transcript
Description: Transcripts of Conference Calls or other Company Events
Group: Tearsheet
Description: Two-page tearsheets for public companies
Group: 13-D
Description: Williams Act Filing
Group: Wireless Ownership Filing
Description: Wireless Ownership Disclosure Information
Group: 10-K
Description: Yearly '34 Act Filing